Ever dream of singing the music of ABBA in front of a live audience?

SOS – The ABBA Experience is looking for a back-up vocalist to join our talented and fun team. Be a part of a successful Ottawa-based musical group that accurately recreates the music of ABBA for live audiences. If you think you have what it takes to sing harmonies and perform live, we are looking for you!
We are seeking a female singer with a wide vocal range and a voice that can blend with five other vocalists. The ability to play a tambourine or other instruments would definitely be a bonus. If you are interested in auditioning for the part, please send a few samples of songs featuring your vocal abilities. The quality of the recording is not critical. Just send us something where we can clearly hear you singing. If you like, pull out our cell phone and record yourself singing parts of ABBA songs. No music needed!
Send an email with your recording, your contact info and some background information on yourself (e.g., music that you have sung, any training or performance experience, etc.) to Kevin Wright at auditions@sosband.ca. For more information on our group, head to www.sosband.ca and our Facebook page @ABBASOSBand.
For a sample of our music and show, check out the video below.
The SOS Team
Videos (Youtube, Vimeo)